Phil Gaughan: Clutter Clearer

Phil Gaughan clutter clearerLife's a journey, and mine brought me to clutter clearing.

After spending most of my working life in the Motor Trade progressing to Parts Manager I felt very unfulfilled. Then, in 1989 I had the opportunity to try something new and jumped at the chance to take a Community Care Course leading to A-levels and a B.Ed (Hons) Primary Environmental Studies degree. Here I developed a keen interest in the environment, especially recycling.

After spending some time exploring what to do with my life I realised that I love clearing out and helping people. I also have a flare for maximising space and reorganising.

It's changed my life, makes me feel good and I enjoy meeting and working with new people.

To support ClutterClearing I have undertaken and completed (November 2006) training in Hakomi, an experential method of mindfullness based psychotherapy.

I realise it's not easy to trust in someone to sort through your clutter, so confidentiality and discretion are a high priority.

  • Listen to recent (Nov-04) BBC Broadcast interview with Phil. N.B. This is a large file and will take several minutes to download at normal modem speeds.