Benefits of Clearing Clutter

1. Freedom (More Time)

  • Reorganising makes it easier to access information and make things more accessible.
  • You spend less time trying to find that certain item.
  • You become more efficient.
  • You have time to do the things you really want to do.


2. Opportunities

  • Clearing clutter is not only about clearing physical items.
  • Out of sight does not necessarily mean out of mind, i.e. that cupboard, garage, shed, cellar or loft that you never get round to clearing, has this habit of popping into your mind every so often.
  • Clearing physical space can also clear space in your mind, creating space for new ideas and opportunities.


3. Financial Reward

  • Rent out that (un)cluttered room
  • Clear your garage, put your car in it and reduce your car insurance.
  • Sell your clutter at a car boot in AdMag or on eBay


4. Environmental Reward

  • Recycle, repair, reuse and take to a charity shop or pass it on.
  • Anything taken away by ClutterCleared will only be tipped as a last resort.


5. Sense of Achievement

  • Clearing clutter is very satisfying.
  • You will feel more relaxed, energized and more creative.

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