What is Clutter?

  • Confusion, disarray, disorder, hotchpotch, jumble, mess and untidiness.
  • Clutter affects people differently. Just as we tolerate pain differently, our tolerance of clutter also varies.

Have you got it?

  • How do you feel in specific rooms or spaces? For instance: low, depressed, overwhelmed, stuck, heavy or tired.
  • What areas do you avoid? Notice when you divert your attention to something else.

Why do we accumulate Clutter?

  • Not knowing what to do with unwanted gifts for fear of upsetting the person who gave them to you.
  • Continually purchasing items that feed a need that is not being met in another way.
  • Professional people who physically do not have the time to clear up or would rather be doing leisure activities.
  • Post-War generation, saving for a rainy day, just in case.
  • Or like me, in today's consumerist world you cannot stand throwing things away knowing it will end up in a landfill site 

The Decluttering Process

View the decluttering process below...